Research Computing is a support team at the University of Virginia whose mission is to empower researchers to achieve more through the use of cutting-edge computational resources. We strive to create innovative solutions for researchers who need help solving complex optimization, parallelization, workflow, and data analysis issues. Our strategy is to build and maintain the University’s best computing platforms while educating the next generation of researchers on the power and utility of advanced computing.

Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Events

02/20/20 High Performance Python Karsten Siller
02/20/20 Optimization Methods in Matlab Ed Hall
02/25/20 Automation of Image Processing with Fiji/ImageJ Karsten Siller
02/26/20 Optimizing R Code Jackie Huband
02/27/20 C/C++ and Fortran on Rivanna Ruoshi Sun
02/27/20 Deep Learning in Matlab Christina Gancayco
03/02/20 Beginner Python for Scientists Jackie Huband
03/04/20 Parallelizing R Jackie Huband
03/05/20 Image Processing in Matlab Christina Gancayco
03/18/20 Parallel R with MPI Jackie Huband
03/26/20 Julia on Rivanna Ed Hall
03/18/20 Moving R to HPC (Rivanna) Jackie Huband
03/25/20 Managing R Libraries Jackie Huband
04/01/20 Optimizing R Code Jackie Huband
04/14/20 Bioinformatics/RNA-Seq Analysis Part1 Gladys Andino & Pankaj Kumar
04/15/20 Parallelizing R Jackie Huband
04/21/20 Bioinformatics/RNA-Seq Analysis Part2 Gladys Andino & Pankaj Kumar
04/29/20 Software Containers for HPC Environments Ruoshi Sun
04/30/20 Image Processing with Fiji and Omero Karsten Siller